Posted: July 7, 2011

Where you live, what you do for a living, and what you do at home are but a few factors that determine the usefulness of your current heating and air conditioning system. If you’re at home trying to unwind after a long day of work, you want to feel content and comfortable in your surroundings. If you suspect the heat or air isn’t working to your satisfaction, you will know immediately just from the temperature in the room. However, the occasional mishap doesn’t necessarily mean a replacement is in order. It’s important to know which kind of HVAC equipment works best for you.

To better determine whether or not your current setup is working right for you, take into consideration your lifestyle:

Where You Live:

If you live in a relatively warm climate, you naturally depend more on your air conditioning through longer stretches in the year. By comparison, homeowners in northern areas may use heating and air for equal amounts of time, or cut back on A/C if the weather is temperate enough not to require it. Your home’s location plays a major role in determining the type of HVAC system you’ll require. Consider the year-round temperature and buy accordingly.

Where You Work:

How does where you work affect your home HVAC system? For one, your work determines how long you are away from home on a daily basis. You may work anywhere from eight to ten hours a day, leaving your home unattended. Do you leave the air conditioning on to come home to an Arctic blast? If you are the type to converse energy (and consequently your bills), you may tend to keep your system off for long periods when you’re not around. If that’s the case, you’ll want a system that isn’t affect by long periods of inactivity.

What You Do at Home:

When you are at home, are you active? Do you tend to relax on your deck as opposed to your living room, or spend time in the garden more than in front of the TV? If your home is basically the place where you come to sleep until it’s time to tackle the next day, you probably don’t require a heavy-duty system – rather one that keeps you cool or warm when you most need it. You’ll need to decide if an energy-efficient HVAC is right for you. Price accordingly what is available for your budget and be comfortable when you need it.

Kathryn Lively