Maximum Air is proud to be an authorized Nest Learning Thermostat distributer.  We install Nest Learning Thermostat in Newport News and the surrounding areas.

Nest thermostat Newport NewsWhat is Nest Learning Thermostat?

Nest Learning thermostat is a new, innovative way of setting the perfect temperature in your home, it never stops learning and saving you money. This groundbreaking gadget will monitor your preferences and learn how to maintain the best temperature level in your house day after day. Our habits always change, and so does Nest thermostat. Its constantly learning system remembers your preferences and regulates automatically.

How to use Nest?

Nest is a state-of-the-art, modern technology thermostat that learns your preferences and your schedule to keep the perfect temperature in your Newport News home. Nest uses an array of sensors, sophisticated algorithms, and the advanced technology to learn your preferred temperature. Nest saves energy by lowering or increasing the temperature in your home when you are away.

  • Manually adjust Nest for the first couple of days.
  • In a little while you’ll be adjusting your thermostat less.
  • After a week it will create a structures schedule of your preferences.

How to adjust temperature level with Nest

When the temperature in your Newport News home gets above or below your level of comfort, there are several options of adjusting it, while your thermostat is learning your preferences:

  • Adjust thermostat manually – Just turn the wheel on device to set your preferred temperature and enjoy the immediate results.
  • Adjust through your computer – Teach Nest good energy saving habits, adjust the temperature level from anywhere with your computer.
  • Mobil phones and tablets – You have the full time access to your temperature control center from anywhere. Use your mobile phone or tablet to set your preferred temperature level when you are away from your Newport News home.


Install Nest in Newport News

Please contact Maximum Air to install Nest in your Newport News home.  Maximum Air is a certified Nest distribution and installation company in Newport News and the surrounding areas.