Newport News Air Conditioning

Newport News Air Conditioning Bills a Little High? Call Max!

If your summer air conditioning bill has you feeling a little hot under the collar, call on the professional air conditioning repair team at Maximum Air to help you get things under control in your Newport News home.

An air conditioning unit that isn’t well maintained or has reached it’s life service will have tore work harder to maintain the demand of a hot summer. Because your air conditioning isn’t running well, your house will go from barely tolerable to overly chilly. Those wild swings in temperature come at a cost – your unit is likely on its way to burning out but before it does, it’s going to drain your bank account with ridiculously high electricity bills.

Maximum Air professional Heating and Cooling experts can diagnose your Newport News air conditioning problems and then help you save money in the long run by applying an energy efficiency makeover to your a/c system.

Newport News residents: you may qualify for the following discounts and rebates: