Posted: June 6, 2013

air conditioning systemFor companies planning new construction projects to house their businesses, the necessity of planning everything down to the exact detail will determine how well or how poorly productivity progresses. Whether you are building offices for clerical or storage use, or are building a place for a restaurant or other food service work, the contractor you hire should take into consideration the proper ventilation of the workspace.
You may be advised, too, to bring on a contractor that deals exclusively with commercial HVAC services, if your builders do not have such a person on hand, or else do not sub-contract that work. Commercial HVAC – or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is important if you wish to maintain a clean, healthy environment for your employees. As you plan your new construction project, here are a few things you will want to consider:
1) Size. How large is your building? One floor, or several? Will your work area be spread out or situated on so many square feet? The size of your work space will determine the size and power of the HVAC units that will heat and cool the buildings.
2) Usable Work Space. Depending on the scope of your business, not every square inch will be occupied by manpower. Offices where your employees will work, of course, should be temperature controlled, as should areas that will house sensitive equipment (foodstuffs, computers, etc.). Therefore, your HVAC system will be installed accordingly so that the most important areas are affected.
3) Location. Where is your office located? Businesses in the deep South will have different construction concerns than those in New England or the Pacific Northwest. Where your office is located will determine whether or not your HVAC system should be geared to heat or cool more.
4) Budget. How much money do you have to use toward constructing your office or warehouse? Though it’s important to have a good HVAC system that will work for a long time, you want to operate within your budget and choose units that won’t require too much maintenance. Consult with your contractor for the best solution.
Air quality is one of the most essential components in a healthy office and commercial environment. Keep your offices and work spaces at comfortable temperatures with clean air, and you will find your business functions at optimal levels. For a new construction, this is especially crucial as you plan to start work as soon as possible. Research the best commercial HVAC company to do the job.

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