Posted: November 11, 2013

If you are experiencing a serious problem with your home or office heating and air conditioning system, it’s important to call a trained and certified HVAC mechanic. Maximum Air serves the Newport News and Upper Peninsula region of Hampton Roads with quality service. Whether you need repair or installation of a new AC unit, Gas Furnace or heatpump system, Maximum Air is your first choice.

For a smoothing running HVAC system, try these handy tips, and don’t forget to call us at 757.349.6247 for bigger issues.

Filters: Take care to clean or replace the air filter in your unit once a month. Good rule to go by is change filters every month and replace it when needed. If your filter requires washing, don’t reinsert it until it’s completely dry. 90-day filters may need to be replaced more often because those filters trap more dirt. Electrostatic filters design for high static pressure systems. most residential systems are not design to use electrostatic filters. We are here to help you if you have any questions.

Cleaning: Clean unit means clean air. Manufacturers recommend cleaning equipment every season. some things you can do yourself for example clear leaves or other debris from your outdoor units, this prevents bits from being sucked into the unit. check up on air filters clean filters make equipment run less, which cost you less money to operate it.

Lawn Care: Keep plants and gardens at least two feet away from your outdoor unit. When mowing, aim the clippings dispenser away from the unit at all times. wash out door units after trimming grass.

Winter: If you anticipate a cold winter, invest in a form-fitting cover for your outdoor unit. This helps protect from weather damage.Only Ac units could be covered. Heat pump units must remain uncovered. Programmable thermostat save money keeping house automatically at lower temperatures while you out. upgrading to a Digital thermostat heat will make equipment run less by reading more accurate temperature. Heat pump units must have outdoor sensors that will lock heat strips from running when not necessary.

Important phone numbers:

Virginia Natural Gas

Custormer Care 1-866-229-3578
Gas Leak Emergencies 1-877-572-3342

Energy Smart Program 1-800-427-8876