Posted: November 11, 2013

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning. HVAC is an abbreviation that applies to all heating and cooling systems and is not limited to the size of the heating or cooling unit, or to a residential or commercial location. In the summertime, your air conditioner is your primary cooling unit which means it is working overtime trying to keep you and your home or commercial venue cool while the temperatures rise.

When your air conditioner breaks down, working with a company that can have your HVAC unit running as soon as possible is key. The professionals at Maximum Air Heating & Cooling are well trained in the repair and installation of HVAC units in Williamsburg, Yorktown, Hampton, and Newport News. Each truck is well stocked with parts for the most popular and often used HVAC units for ease and speed of repair.

Very often, HVAC units can be repaired and will start pumping cool, conditioned air into your home in a short amount of time. In some cases, however, the heating and cooling units must be replaced. Maximum Air Heating and Cooling recommends Honeywell, Trane and Carrier for your heating and air needs.