We know that the weather can be unpredictable. Especially if you live or work in Williamsburg and the Hampton Roads area, one doesn’t always know what to expect. That’s why it’s important for your home or office heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to work and keep the indoor temperature how you want it. There’s no reason to freeze in your home in the wintertime, or melt in the summer, when Maximum Air is here to ensure your HVAC System runs smoothly.

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Maximum Air is proud to serve Hampton Roads and Upper Peninsula with quality, friendly service:

HVAC System Installation – When you’re ready for a new furnace or boiler, or want to change out those window A/C units for central air, Maximum Air can install your new system quickly and efficiently.

Indoor Air Quality Inspections – Is the air in your home clean? You may be surprised to know how easily pollution creeps indoors. Maximum Air can inspect your ventilation and air filters to determine if your air ducts need cleaning or replacement.

Commercial HVAC Services – Keep your store, business, or office comfortable and clear of air pollutants. We are happy to offer HVAC installation and repair services to businesses in the Hampton Roads area.

Heating Services – We care about our customers and their wallets, offering high-efficiency heating and cooling solutions to save energy and keep their room temperature ideal.

Heating Repair – Call Max Air with all your heating repair questions. We will be happy to give you an estimate and repair your HVAC unit.

Equipment Maintenance – We provide year round heating and cooling equipment maintenance services to all residents of Williamsburg and Newport News.

Natural Gas Furnaces – Let the Virginia Heating and Cooling Pros install a new gas furnace in your home and enjoy the energy benefits.

Green Home Services – Thinking about making your home more energy efficient but worried about the cost? Good news – you’ll actually save money! Learn more about Green Home Services.

Gas Heater Repair – Let Maximum Air heating & cooling professionals help you with all your gas heating unit repair, inspection and replacement needs.

Remote Energy Thermostat – Huge green energy savings and peace of mind await you when you have the experts at Maximum Air install the Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat to a Schlage LiNK System.

Air Conditioning Services – Our main concern is the ideal temperature in your home, and we try to do our best to keep your air conditioning system working smoothly.

We have on staff the best HVAC mechanics in the region. We are a Class A contractor, licensed and insured to work in Virginia and provide you with timely, quality service. Let Maximum Air show you the right way to save energy and money with top of the line heating and cooling solutions for your home or workplace. Contact us today at 757-784-3181 to learn more.